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SB Admin Pro Angular is more than just a front-end theme. When purchasing this product, you get access to a robust suite of powerful development tools.

Angular 9 Project

Built with Angular 9, and fully compatible with the state of the art Ivy compiler.

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Intricate Routing

SB Admin Pro Angular is lightning fast with tiny payloads and lazy loaded modules.

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Use complex layouts, styled with Bootstrap 4, by using a simple, one line Angular component.

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Custom Components

We include and extend NG Bootstrap along with dozens of custom components you can only get by purchasing SB Admin Pro Angular.

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Unit Tests & Functional Tests

Contains over 300 unit tests with 100% code coverage. For functional tests, we support the default protractor route, but we also include a fully configured Cypress harness and a suite of tests

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Custom schematics that can be used to generate modules, containers, components, services, and directives.

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Deployment Ready

Build a production-ready Docker image with a single command, out of the box.

$ npm run docker:build

Unit Tests

We think about developers first when we build our pro products. We have a full suite of unit tests that run with 100% code coverage, making SB Admin Pro Angular a truly scalable front-end architecture.

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We support Karma and Protractor, but we also include a full Cypress setup allowing for fast, easy, and reliable testing for anything that runs in your project.

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We're ready when you are.

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Version 1.0.2

Regularly updated to keep things fresh...

Regular updates keep our products current with the most modern design standards and tooling available to developers.

  • Ready-to-Use Page Layouts
  • Custom & Extended Components
  • Custom & Extended CSS Utilities
  • Authentication Pages
  • Multi-Tenant User Signup Flow
  • RTL Support
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